The energies of the Star of 13

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01 - Fire energy

Transformation, Creativity, Passion and Vitality

02 - Silver energy

Balance, Responsibility, Patterns and Experience

03 - Neon energy

Consciousness, Perception, Sensitivity and Impeccability

04 - Masculine energy

Definition, Self importance, Defensiveness and Reason

05 - Feminine energy

Resonance, Intuition, Compassion and Empathy

06 - Ether energy

Wholeness, Magic, Connection and Fluidity

07 - Iron energy

Receptivity, Physical Body, Reflection/Attraction and Discipline

08 - Water energy

Harmony, Attachment, Control and Acceptance

09 - Gold Energy

Wisdom, Intent, Love and Communication

10 - Planetary energy

Manifestation, Personal History, Repression and Choices

11 - Gamma energy

Integration, Limitation, Courage and Surrender

12 - Diamond energy

Understanding, Internal Dialogue, Complacency and Searching

13 - Non energy

Life, Doubt, Emptiness and Death