Joanna Crowson

Joanna Crowson is the co-author with Silja Winther of The Key to the Universe, a translator, and teacher within the Blue Lineage of Toltec shamanism, offering joy as a path of knowledge and wisdom.

Joanna has worked with Teachers and Shamans from diverse traditions for more than 15 years. She defines herself as "a warrior and teacher of the Blue Lineage of Toltec shamanism; a lover of the abstract who is on a lifelong journey to see the infinite".  She facilitates workshops on many themes as well as leading ceremonies and rituals in the shamanic tradition, and developed her own graceful, accessible style filled with joy and laughter.

In 1990, in a spirit of adventure, she left Britain with her partner Chris and their 2 children. They bought land on Spain's Costa de la Luz, founded a cooperative language school and built Casa Gaia, learning
about ecological building principles and sustainability on the way.



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