Fire Energy

The Fire energy is the first of a new cycle of thirteen. Its purpose is transformation, to go from one level/phase to another with cleansing and renewal. Fire energy is the bearer of the spiritual flame, transforming worry to faith, pain to freedom, which means wisdom on all levels. Fire brings initiation and is a demanding energy that requires a lot of courage! Just as a baby must fight its way through the birth channel, leaving the safe and peaceful surrounding in the uterus to be born into new environment, you must find the courage to go from the known to the unknown when time is due. It is the energy of inspiration and creativity and is not only needed for artists and inventors but for all of us in our everyday life, to feel alive and happy from within, to feel growth and blessings and be in contact with our soul (in-spirit) and the purpose of our lives.

It is the spark of life in humans. It is often known as the kundalini, although this is often not properly understood, and seen only as sexual energy, because it is needed for the physical orgasm. Fire energy is highly activated in transformation, like births and deaths. All births should be honoured and welcomed, and as strong emotions are brought to life with the fire energy, you have all the possibilities of dealing with the strong feelings of sadness or embrace yourself with the bursting joy that is penetrating your cells!

Fire energy is connected to the snake as a symbol and used in all cultures throughout times with a strong interpretation of life and life cycles. The Mayans saw the cycle of renewal in the snake as it changes the skin and thereby becomes “newborn”. People’s, often irrational, fear of snakes could reflect the fear of the power within, its demanding character and the courage required to transform when transformation is needed.

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