In this article I first felt like sharing the essence of the Star of 13. It can be expressed very, very simply with one word; Love. It is all about living, experiencing and understanding the essence of love! Imagine that you could meet yourself in a loving and understanding way from the moment you woke up. Imagine that you could meet everybody else in an understanding and loving way from the moment you woke up. If I went further in that direction I already know what would happen. However true it might or might not be. Some of you would take it in and read on. Others might be alienated by reading about how wonderful love is.  Because, it is only when you yourself are in a good place, when you are in that energy or have that understanding that it can do you good to see others bathe in that pool of love. When you wake up feeling guilty, sad, stressed or angry, you don’t necessarily like all those hearts on Facebook and you simply don’t feel good. Love feels too far away and so, to make you continue reading this, I will approach it differently.

According to The Star of 13 the energy of the year is Diamond. In the last article we talked about how our worldview is our cognitive foundation. How we need to link all the small pieces of understanding together into a bigger picture. How our understanding grows, changes, expands and evolves. If Diamond energy is moving within us in its natural unhurried and silent manner, we will see more colors in life as we age. We will understand and embrace more angles of life every day. Now, I would like to focus on different aspects of what we are trying to understand, and how the different energies affect our journey through this Diamond year.

We started out with an understanding of the New Year. That January the 1st is the start of a new year is not an everlasting truth or an unconditioned truth, but a good enough truth in our part of the world to celebrate. Our common understanding of this to be true gives us the opportunity for a fresh new start. A lot of wishes were made for this year, some of which have already come true. A lot of commitments were made and some are already broken. The point is that “the New Year” is a socially conditioned truth. Our understanding of the external reality is always a conditioned truth. And yet we are able to use it for a purpose. The first month in a new year is often used to reflect on changes. Sometimes we do this with a lot of awareness and dedication to change. Sometimes we feel that we are being forced into changing.

In the first month of the year, the energy of Fire enters our understanding and requires transformation. We allow for thoughts of letting old habits go, enter into something new or to do things in a new way. The energy of Fire brings new ideas and we immediately want them to fit into our worldview or our self image. It requires a lot of us, and it is easy to give up on these newly born ideas or challenges we have made for our self. But Diamond energy, with its soft and patient movement, gives us time to adjust, try again or search deeper inside. When we are stagnant in a situation long enough, the pressure grows inside us. And finally it demands change. It can be a small change or big changes. Regardless, we move on, slightly different from who we were last year.

Then February comes and Silver energy enters the Diamond year. How does that affect us? We may start reflecting on our experiences and repetitions. Patterns are to be found in the way we think. The only way to discover your own thoughts is to become aware of them. Observe them. If you become aware that you are repeating thoughts on conditioned truths about yourself or the world around you, thoughts that are not supportive for the flow of love, you may little by little see that awareness itself will make you start to think differently. Slowly, through the increased awareness of how you are using your thoughts you will start to change the patterns. 

I have said before that our understanding of the external reality always is a conditioned truth. It is conditioned by our own interpretations, feelings and beliefs. The patterns of how we have learned to think about the outside world and our self go deep into our subconscious mind and we connect feelings to these thoughts or beliefs. We have made them our experiences and then through repetitions, made them the truth about the way things are.  So it is being manifested in our physical lives. From your experience you might “know” that you’ll be let down if you enter a long term relationship. As you know it to be true, you start using this immense creative power you are part of to make it happen again, and again. Repetitions are so common in our lives that we hardly see them. When we do, we mostly see them in others, i.e. our partners or family members. Many of the beliefs these repetitions are based on are not in accordance with your inner truth or essence. Imagine that you could break out of these habits and find your way back to your essence, listen to the healing voice of love inside. You could be manifesting a completely different world for you to live in!

Anything that anyone has ever taught us which led to destructive or limited beliefs about our self, they taught us out of fear. To protect us, because they were suffering themselves, did not see us, or because they simply lacked awareness. We would say that they did this in a state we could call “out of love”. A parent may love you, but still be in the state “out of love” most of the time. Meaning that they did not allow love to be the leading force. Anyone who tries to receive love by behaving in a specific way will start on the path of conditioning love within them self. That restricts love from being the leading force.

When we allow our self to reflect on our experiences and how we repeat them, how we create patterns, we might discover something useful. If we walk in a circle and fall at the exact same place again and again, it is time to use our awareness. Stop. Take some time. Breathe deeply. Meditate. You can use whatever method you like, but reflect upon the experience. Imagine the real you telling yourself that if you move beyond conditioning you will find the essence. I will call it love. Now, from a Diamond/Silver perspective you would look at your patterns with patience. Imagine you loved yourself so completely you didn’t have to judge any of your earlier or present actions in any way. And that loving yourself so completely made you see why you need to stop at a certain point to reflect and discover. Imagine you stumble because deep inside you there is a caring voice trying to tell you something important. Are you moving too fast? Are you avoiding something you need to face? Do you think unhealthy thoughts? To discover each and every one of the commands or conditions, which are inhibiting the flow of love in you may be difficult. But to keep a healing thought based on love in your mind before going to sleep in the evening and before rising in the morning is easy.  A thought which corrects all other thoughts and works within you, through dreams and lingers in your awakened mind through the day. A thought of love.  Imagine love as a divine intelligence, part of everything. The healing power within you. As Silver works its way through the Diamond year your may connect to your responsiveness, an ability to respond to this healing force within. Adjust to it. Accept it. And as understanding grows and patterns dissolve, you are preparing yourself for living your life “in love”. This is the essence of The Star of 13. The only reason for awakening and working your way back to your true self. Love. 


Silja Winther


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