The Non energy is the last pulse in the rhythm of thirteen. It is slightly different and maybe more difficult to explore than the others. It is obviously more difficult to provoke, but it comes by itself without any need for activation. The Non energy is definitely a part of the rhythm, but it is simply the lack of all other energies. This means that when the other energies withdraw and none of them are activated, there will be a moment of nothingness or chaos, where you need to trust this is also life. In school you go for a year, learning a lot of stuff and looking forward to your holidays. Suddenly it comes, you are without the normal rhythm of your days and enjoying the freedom of taking one day at the time. This is exactly the point with this pulse. It is a necessary break in the school of life. It is the time when you should not try to force through a plan or action, but rather take it as it comes, and enjoy life even if you have no idea what will come to you tomorrow. If you are aware of the fact that this pulse must come, and you receive it without fear or resistance, the rhythm continues and you will soon enough get the other energies back. Maybe it is the pause needed for getting a new burst of Fire energy, a new birth in your life. Make space for it; accept it and you will not be so frustrated as you otherwise well might be when no energies really are available to you!

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