Silver Energy

The Silver energy is the second pulse in a movement of thirteen. Silver energy is also commonly called the Lunar energy. It is teaching us balance. It is though, curiously enough, most common to have unbalances in the flow of the silver energy. As it is connected to and follow the rhythm of the moon, it is strongest activated in the human bodies at full moon. This is a good time for meditating on the Silver energy and an excellent opportunity to release blockages you may find, which prevents the free flow of this energy, and the pleasant feeling of balance.

The Silver energy is about polarities and opposites and generally our culture has nurtured the thought of everything being in polarisation for a long time. Humans must balance their forces and stabilise the energies in movement, without getting stuck in patterns of thought or action and without getting overwhelmed and withdraw into passiveness. The energy is connected to silver as a mineral in our physical world and influences the liquid balance in our bodies.

As the energy is building up towards the full moon, the pressure on your challenge in life becomes stronger. If you are currently experiencing a general balance and flow in your life which allows growth and changes, you may feel the Silver energy is charging your batteries and stabilizing you so that action may be taken on important areas, as you will see clearly what is really important for you now.

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