Diamond Energy

The Diamond energy is the twelfth pulse in a rhythm of thirteen. It is the same as the crystal energy used in old cultures like Atlantis and also by the Mayans. The purpose of this energy is to understand. In a way you could say it is connected to your intellect, your way of seeing and perceiving the world. But it goes further.† Related to the third eye this is a transformational energy for initiations from the third to the fourth and fifth dimensional understanding. It does not limit you to any fixed pattern or truth, but will keep you in a quiet, steady flow, a continuous movement; the discovery of life. It helps you dedicating yourself to everything that lives and to be an indispensable part of the whole. The Diamond energy shows you how practically to be able to live all this. It is a practical and useful energy that makes your brain work. It stimulates your thoughts and gives you peace to know that everything belongs to an intricate pattern but you do not necessarily have to see it right now. The complexity of the Universe is a riddle you need not solve entirely, but it will create excitement in your life and stimulate you to think and act creatively if you accept its mystery. All what we cannot understand may not be wrong and needs not to be rejected. Still you need to know how much you can speculate on the philosophical themes of this world without actually loosing contact with the essence of your own life.

It is activated in many different forms of healing and is connected to all physical crystals and crystal forms. It is the strongest factor in dematerialization of both things and humans. Although activating this energy will provoke processes of change, it will not really be felt as revelations or great transformations because this energy moves quietly and slowly. The important thing is to be in constant move so that you donít get stuck and avoid being hit in the head to wake up.

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