Planetary Energy

The planetary energy is the tenth pulse in a rhythm of thirteen. It is also called the Dark energy, because it is concentrated and full of information. Its purpose is materialization, so no life on earth in a three dimensional reality would have any meaning without it. The energy is connected to low frequencies, which is a concentrated form of information, a higher density. As the black colour it has all the other colours inside, it can unfold a full spectre when they are released from their concentrated form. The energy requires manifestation of thought and action following ideas. It is about producing or manifesting thoughts and energies. How can I materialize my purpose? What do I do practically in my life? If you have good ideas that never seem to come true or you are not likely to really go for it although you feel it is right, good opportunities is lost and you seem to stand on the same spot when it comes to the material life, get this energy activated! Huge libraries of information lay hidden in the ‘heaviest’ of our cells, in stone and in human-made material. When this energy is activated pressure is put on our choices. A reasonable priority has to be made concerning time/energy, and discipline and work is needed so as not to feel this energy as depressing or painful.

There is a lot of fear regarding this energy, probably because it is connected to the dark. Imagine a seed waiting in the soil for its moment to reach out, grow, and fulfil its mission. It has all the information it needs to become a beautiful flower or a huge tree. Memories are useful to help you use your old knowledge in the present situation. The Planetary energy can bring you out of a depression that consumed all your energy, and it is this energy that makes you dare touching the core of your being, blessing the pain and darkness, giving the heaviest of cells the possibility of falling in love with the light. It will release your tension so you can feel good about your self.

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