Gamma Energy

The Gamma energy is the eleventh pulse in a rhythm of thirteen. The purpose of this energy in your life is integration. It means giving you the possibility of seeing life different when you are 50 then when you where 15, it means growing, it means integrating new experiences and it means changing. Gamma energy is about living what you believe, what you know and what you are. Gamma energy is out-bursting, passes resistance and creates dissonance in the sea of tones, before it is again integrated into the whole. Many people are afraid of knowing and using the Gamma energy, unconsciously resisting it. This energy is setting you free in the deepest meaning of the word, because you will be able to be you totally, in all situations and with all kind of people. This energy makes it easy to stand for what you are, not apologizing for being you or trying to be someone else. It can easily create dissonance in your environments, as all real changes do to start with, but then it is constructive and gives your surroundings the same possibility of change. It is a fairly “new” energy spiritually. Just as the electromagnetic radiation that is produced by the changes in the structure of the core of the atom creates resistance and friction, the activation of Gamma causes intensity of colours in your life and often creates friction and tension. When the Gamma energy is activated the individual becomes more aware of her/himself and his/her task. This is a necessary step in order to be able to execute one’s task although personal inter-human conflicts may arise.

With the Gamma energy you can see all the colours belonging to the same light. You can feel all people belonging to the same spark of life. This gives you the true gift of life; desire to live out as you! There can be nothing bad in being different, only good. It means you are playing your role in the play, taking responsibility for your task, being it the hero or the fool. Have patience and understanding when your surroundings will try forcing you back to the you they thought you were!

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