Gold Energy

The Gold energy is the ninth pulse in the circle of thirteen. It is a powerful energy, helpful to make you feel strong and connected. The purpose of the Golden energy is to be unconditional, to give without fear of not receiving, to share information with no restrictions. It puts a focus on how you do your task, with what intention. Communication with other people will improve a lot when you know to use the Gold energy in your life! The energy has a strong influence on the cells and is related to gold as a mineral. Golden jewellery is used in many rituals all over the world and it helps you activate this energy. When there is a need for initiation to new roles and tasks the Gold energy works like a string of connection to old knowledge. Contemplate on roles and rituals when this energy is activated and your power of love will release any needy feelings and thoughts of not being enough. That is why it is necessary for channelling ideas through words, painting, music etc. It helps you keep your own focus, knowing whom you are here and now, and thereby making you able to communicate without fear with other dimensions of your being. This energy is also useful when you are working with karmic matter since it is pulsating ‘what is sent out comes back to you’. It helps you mobilize an active attitude, which makes you in charge of your life and destiny. The Gold energy is bringing you towards your centre and focusing you so you can reach all information you need, and know how to act. It gives you trust and understanding, making you able to feel unconditional love.

Working with this energy can also open new horizons of love. If you have experienced the sexual orgasm you have got a microscopic taste of the power of Gold combined with the Fire energy. The difference of the pleasure it fills you with is that it is not limited to the sexual organs and is not limited in time. It is not even related to any specific person or sexual situation, because it is more like a peaceful spiritual ecstasy, or a cosmic orgasmic experience. The Gold energy is also highly activated before trance sessions and necessary for the channelling of words. You can experience the Gold energy as liquid gold and you can use it as a guide to the central sun.

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