Water Energy

The Water energy is the eighth pulse in a cycle of thirteen. Its purpose is to create harmony, although not as a static situation, but as harmonious changes. Related very much to your emotions the Water energy is easy to feel, as great joy or t is about giving free, giving up, or giving it up. Meaning not trying to control or hold back what is simply there. When it is time to let go of something or continue on a path that you might not know the goal of, you need the Water energy to have faith in yourself. You need it to be able to flow along. Water energy is life giving and purifying, but has also a strong power to dissolve and demand. We often experience this energy as loosing control and therefore it can easily cause emotional difficulties. Imagine a river, the water running down towards the big ocean. The river may run slow but then comes a waterfall and the river will not put the breaks on but simply continue because it is the way life continues. When we are not able to connect to the Water energy we often feel a lot of fear and resistance because we need so much of our energy to hold on to the situation and resist change. When water energy is activated it is useful to release concrete wishes or fixed plans and instead follow the waves and ask everything to be right in the big picture. You can only hurt yourself by neglecting its force; you can only win on going a long with faith and adventure! The harmony it creates is free and bottomless.

Your life is rich with a balanced Water energy. As a drop you are alone in the big ocean, feeling a slight friction as the other drops touch you. But you move towards a waterfall where the water is turbulent and you have to surrender to your destiny, which brings you to the sea. The Water energy makes you play in the sea, together with all the other drops/individuals, and then you evaporate slowly up to the sky, joining other tiny drops of water and becoming a cloud. The Water energy is also the same which releases the cloud in the moment it is ready to rain, letting go of all resistance and blessing dry soil with fertility. You need the Water energy to create this harmony in your life, which always makes you move on when time is due.

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