Masculine Energy

Masculine energy is again a balancing and structuring energy. You are connecting to an energy, which is about identifying form. In which form do I serve? As it is the forth pulse in a cycle of thirteen and that gives you the opportunity to feel stable and with the four corners on the ground again. Knowing what you want to do the Masculine energy will help you find out how to do it. It is a defining energy that makes rationalization possible, and life clearer. Do not think that this is an energy only men possess. When introduced with this name there is the danger to interpret all masculine dominance in society to this energy and thereby condemning it to being negative. We want to challenge the picture of masculine being one of two basic energies of the human nature. With masculine and feminine as black and white we are stuck in a blocked silver energy. So, try to let go of the preconceived idea and see how your masculine energy will flow freely and be a supportive and present in your life, whether you are a man or a woman!

For humans the ability of structuring our world and make concepts of reality is based on this energy. We make structures of our self that gives us a security of knowing who we are and social structures to know the common rules of living together. Laws and written agreements are exactly the effect of activated Masculine energy. The necessity and usefulness of this energy extends the imagination, because total confusion and disorder would not be only anarchy but the breakdown of society and personality.

It is true though, that out of balance the Masculine energy tends to support construction in such a way that the danger of resisting change and necessary destructive powers is there. Having fixed ideas about your self can make you loose opportunities of growing and learning about other sides of yourself, and the same is true for any society, small or big. The greater the Masculine energy is the more difficult it is to change. And still, without it we would all just fall to pieces!

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