Iron Energy

The Iron energy is the seventh pulse in a rhythm of thirteen. In a way it is a very physical energy, more connected to the material life and the physical body than any of the other energies. Yet this energy is strongly connected to the rest of our universe and its purpose is to control the receptivity of multi dimensional information to the cells. Or easier, call it our sensitivity. The Iron energy is protecting you by keeping the aura field strong around you (magnetic field created from the magnetism and electricity in each cell) but at the same time it is keeping you from experiencing the unity of the universe! It is therefore with a lot of respect and care one should work on this issue, many people tend to want the evolution to go faster than what they are ready to take. Remember that the purpose of the Iron energy in a way is to be a transformer of energy potency like a converter, which changes high voltage to normal currency so that you can receive it without damage. In this way it helps you adjusting your sensitivity.

The information is received through receptors, which are situated in the blood system, (on an energetic level, not yet measurable), in the similar way as information is transferred in our nervous system. If you are too sensitive to radiation, “negative” people, “bad” energy, or you find yourself becoming weak and powerless you certainly have too little of this energy. Then it helps little that you might be very “spiritual” by your self, you need Iron! If you have difficulties in recognizing sensations in your body, you resist your self too much and you don’t come closer to a spiritual opening/receptiveness after years of meditation it is probable that you have too much of the Iron energy, and so are slightly exaggeratedly “protecting” your self. You then are strong enough to receive more and ready to let go of some resistance. Balanced this energy makes you able to perceive the world in a clear and healthy way, with a strong ability to know what you want and need and what you better reject. The Iron energy is connected to Iron as a mineral and it can thereby also be adjusted through the nutrition and amount of iron in foods. With a lot of Iron energy you are more likely to have a high iron value in your blood. The tendency is that you are releasing some iron from your body and the level is going down, especially when you are working on a spiritual path. You will need less and less iron as you are going from being a five sensory to a multi sensory human. You will be able to use other senses and perceive more than the three dimensions of reality that you have got used to. Still the Iron energy is always needed to adjust your receptivity.


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