Neon Energy

The Neon energy challenges balance by adding a third point, which creates movement. This influences your consciousness. Activating the Neon energy allows your consciousness to expand. This energy is rather “new” for our culture, meaning it has been lying dormant and latent but only recently, maybe the last 10-20 years, become increasingly activated.  As it influences the electric fields both in the human body (central nervous system) and the aura (electric magnetic field or “light body” around us) it has an enormous impact on our lives. The purpose of Neon energy being activated now is to raise our awareness above the limitations of the third dimension; to achieve higher consciousness, which is necessary to solve the imminent problems of our culture and meet the challenges of our species and planet. It is vital to balance our sensitivity, be fully present in the now and be aware of our perceptions, because no lasting change in consciousness will occur unless these skills are learned. That is the purpose of the Neon energy.

Through activating Neon and creating movement, the identification of your mission will be accessible to you.

The Neon light is an activator of this energy but it is often an irritation to the nervous system if the activation is continuous. To prevent problems from radiation from electrical sources and waves, use the silver energy to create balance and the masculine energy to increase the tolerance.

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