Feminine Energy

The Feminine energy is the fifth pulse in a rhythm of thirteen. It is about tuning into others and adjusting your mission to the surroundings and the moment. The energy is a streaming, round kind of impulse, which adjusts to all the movements that are already started (on going). When the energy is activated it might first look as if your impulses are illogical and irrational because the adjustment to the universal movements is instantaneous. Thus it goes in front of the intellect, which must wait for an understanding of the situation. The intuition is awakened and resonance created by the feminine energy. You have the keys to real compassion and empathy. That is also why this energy is relevant to all kinds of intuitive healing. To understand your fellow humans and their situations the intellect sometimes comes short! The resonance is needed for the souls to connect, it makes you able to know what is needed of you and provide it, as you feel empowered and whole. This gives an inner strength, an empowerment of your soul. A balanced Feminine energy, in a woman or man, gives the sort of strength that you feel good with, that you donít have to impose on anyone and that allows all people to be themselves without competition of value or rights.

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