Ether Energy

Ether energy is the sixth energy in the cycle of thirteen. It is about going with the flow, being connected to all and everything. It creates balance and equality. For humans ether energy is necessary for receiving impulses and information from higher consciousness frequencies. The specific impulses are to target the corresponding receptors both in the aura and the nervous system (see iron). Ether energy is the one that connects everything for us, which makes us “part people” (part of humanity, part of the universe) (co-person?). The cells in our bodies have their independent tasks and still they are nothing without the entire body. They belong to an order that unites them just like the whole person does. The Ether energy is what binds us together, like the air that transmits the radio waves from the sender to all those who receive. We can send out our thoughts and we can reach the rest of the universe with that energy. In that way we are influencing the totality, we are co creators in God.

Telepathy and understanding of equality is activated by ether energy, which is binding everything together. It is activated with all mystical, religious and spiritual experiences and revelation, and it can be activated with the help of different opening medications and drugs, including marihuana and alcohol. The paradox with seeking it with the help of Although drugs can help you experience the energy, at the same time it works against the natural development of the ability to be in and use the energy. Artificially manipulated it can easily provoke energetic unbalance between the physical body, the mental aspect and the emotions, in some cases harmony can be severely distorted. This energy is the one Jung knew as the collective unconsciousness.  It could also be seen as the Internet, where you yourself have to have the equipment to connect to it, and you have to know how to download information, but it is there, reachable for everybody.

The usual way to connect to the ether energy is through hearing and feeling the rhythms. It is used in any culture, although more in the tribes that have kept original rituals, in drumming, chanting and humming, but it is the same effect on a techno party of our time, where the beets of the computer forces the body to let go of its personal resistance to create a group feeling, a connection to everyone. The energy is as any energy neutral in its origin, it can be used and misused according to how balanced the person is in general. The African slaves in America were known to sing their gospels to keep up the spirit and the feeling of not being alone; the connectedness gave strength and hope. The ether makes everybody the same, and puts you out of your ego’s suffering, out of the limitations of time and in to wholeness and unity.

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