The Key to the Universe

The Key to the Universe presents a new energetic system for understanding human growth and spiritual development: the Star of 13. Together, the book and cards offer a toolkit that helps you connect to the Primal Energies and begin working on them in your everyday life. Through conscious integration of these Energies you can work on problem areas of your life and relationships, save energy wasted in meaningless repetitions, and channel it into achieving your objectives. There are many paths you can explore that can lead you to growth: here is one that enables you to take practical steps to improve your daily life, the life of those around you and the future of the planet.


" exquisite jewel of a book enabling the reader to balance their magical side with their everyday reality. The authors go to the essence of the common thread underlying all ancient spiritual/shamanic traditions...offers a clear and simple map and an indispensable tool for all those who search for wisdom."
Edgar Delgado, shaman, author of The Shaman's Garden and Founder of Fundación Ollin Yolitzli


The Key to the Universe (ISBN: 84-607-9107-6) is sold as a boxed set containing:
Book, 153 pages
53 full color cards

Authors: Joanna Crowson and Silja Winther. Artwork by Katrina Vrebalovich.


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